Hunter X Hunter ハンターハンター Episode 145 Live Reaction
HxH (2011)
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  1. 9:29 First time Illumi showing Emotion

  2. パリストンかっこいいンゴ・・・

  3. I don’t know if Parriston is a good guy or a bad guy but I like him 🙂 #NoHomo

  4. Hisoka and illumi sometime show their true face, evil or super evil. No good side a little bit

  5. (Some manga spoilers) So I guess since that dark Nen surrounding Gon forced Ai to use so much energy to purge it (7:50), maybe Gon was only able to make a pledge this powerful because of Don’s ties to the Dark Continent? Maybe it’s a bit like the situation with Yusuke from Yuyu Hakusho. Or perhaps some “dark power” got passed on to Gon like Ai got passed on to Alluka because of Zzig (at least that’s how I understood it). Simple speculation on my part, if I missed something please let me know 😀

  6. Cheadle is my favorite Zodiac.
    Big on morals and balance.
    Definitely a conjurer.

  7. Nobody give some love to Pariston at 13:02 he Clearly doing this for fun but when Ging or Netero do it nobody give a shit

  8. nanika > meruem

  9. Were closing in on the series…..

  10. Zodiacs Nen Categories : (Judging from their personalities)

    Ging (Boar) – Emitter
    Pariston (Rat) – Manipulator

    Cheadle (Dog) – Conjurer
    Mizaistom (Cow) – Conjurer
    Kanzai (Tiger) – Enhancer
    Piyon (Rabbit) – Transmuter
    Botobai (Dragon) – Enhancer/Specialist
    Geru (Snake) – Manipulator
    Saccho (Horse) – Enhancer/Manipulator
    Ginta (Sheep) – Enhancer/Emitter
    Saiyuu (Monkey) – Emitter

    Cluck (Chicken) – 100% Emitter since we have seen her power.
    Controlling birds with Manipulation and sending them through long distances with Emission.
    Pretty similar to that guy who can control insects in the Dark Continent Expidition Arc.
    Emitter and Manipulation are close Nen categories.

  11. *First* go ahead call me a retard or something else

  12. Coyah ♡

  13. 6:46 What kind of Restriction and Deal of Nen too make Gon like this. This totally is much more worse then kurapika the Restriction is So Suicede. Look at how many Aura at 8:06 that Something Exorsim