Hunter X Hunter ハンターハンター Episode 148 Live Reaction
HxH (2011)
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  1. Now go read the manga from chapter 340.

    That’s where the anime ends and the new arc begins.

    This arc is going to be the biggest and the best one.
    (Deadliest too)

    Personally, I think Kurapika is close to completing his plot and purpose.
    If the author wants to stay consistent with the survival rate of the voyage to the Dark Continent,
    he’d probably kill off Kurapika, along with all the Zodiacs except Leorio.

    The phantom troupe needs to go too.

  2. This episode should have Been called Masterpiece X Masterpiece

  3. So, thank you AnimeLover for uploading these videos. I really appreciate it. Also, big shoutout to all the reactors, it was a fun ride.

  4. I remember the last time you uploaded this on animelover, 🙁

  5. crying x crying

  6. ハンターハンターやっぱ最高だな

  7. Ging seems to be lowkey telling us at the end to just chill out and go along with the little “detours” that Togashi takes 😛

  8. Just finished 3 times. this anime is the best thing i’ve ever watched in my whole life… i believe the season 2 will come someday.. i hope so…

  9. were going to back it again to manga x manga

  10. これは高評価でしょ!

  11. Definitely one of the greatest show ever!

  12. Those Flashback at 2:14 the Feel of hxh went it was new we all are so young back then we know nothing of the hxh world back then the Feels.

  13. i legit thought 148 eps of hxh just introducing to the real story of hunter to going hunt inside the dark continent

  14. Try not to cry. Cry a lot…

  15. If you need more anime i’d suggest Danshi kokousei no nichijou, this channel need more comedy 😀

  16. hxh will always be my fav anime, a true masterpiece

  17. Guys , I’m depressed . I’m gonna go and kill myself 🙂

  18. And thus the Dark Continent arc begin. Togashi pls fix your goddamn back right now and hurry up! I want to see the dc arc animated.

  19. HxH without Killua and Gon is no longer HxH…

  20. Crying x and x Despair

  21. Togashi, please work

  22. Hiatus x Hiatus episode 1 please

  23. Hunter x hunter forever


  25. ohhhh yhyyyyy three in one day

  26. NEXT EPISODE PLZ!!!!!……..wait……….oh fuck

  27. S-Shut Up! I’m N-Not Crying ….
    [ I hope they make another Anime Adaptation of HxH , Most of the Shitty anime have tons of season . It need to stop ]