Hunter X Hunter ハンターハンター Episode 131 Live Reaction
HxH (2011)
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  1. The animation for Gon’s transformation still one of the best in Anime i’ve seen. The studio really put effort and budget in that scene.

  2. Can coyah seriously shut the fuck up during the final black and white scene? Everyone was quiet , even the blue shirt top middle black dude , but she needs to fucking repeat herself , why the fuck are you talking to a screen dumbass? Animelover3 , you should have honestly muted her , im actually serious this time

  3. Bottom right She does not mind except King and Komugi. Looking at Episode 131, she does not understand Gon’s feelings and says, “Gon is selfish.” At that moment I just thought she was stupid. “Oh, there’s only fucking King and Komugi in her head.”

  4. why do people hate on pitou so much i love her, she risks her own life to save the king and takes 4/5 punches from gon and still lands a blow…like she’s a beast

  5. am i the only one sad that pitou died?,okay.

  6. That beautiful black and white scene gone to ruin thanks Bottom right.

  7. OMFG? this episode is just out of this world

  8. 20:25 what is wrong with you woman!!!???

  9. 8:31 lmao the black dude with red shirt bottom middle almost started jacking off then he stopped abruptly because he re rembered hes on camera

  10. 右真ん中の女性、初めて良いリアクションだと思ったよ

  11. R.I.P Pitou


  13. My god that was insane

  14. Animelover3 thank you. All day I mean all day I’ve been refreshing youtube every hour on the hour for this and Code geas R2.

  15. And i gave Coyah a pass before on the premise that she was young but i just realized she cares nothing about Gon in this series especially this arc.

  16. 19:00
    One reactor
    Woman reacts
    “Thank god”

  17. finaly thank you so much

  18. このJaster-samaのリアクションが好きすぎて10回は見直した、本当にハンハンが好きって感じが伝わってくる

  19. 右上の記憶力と勘の良さ、漂うインテリ感


  21. 8:40 The guy in the bottom left made me laugh real hard lol

  22. Yeah the bottom right girl really needs to shut up. Everything she said ruined the video. She’s laughing at gon and I’ll be laughing while she’s crying in episode 135

  23. so epic, i waiting for cap 135 :’c

  24. AnimeCentral going “yeah, sweat bullets” at 11:00 cracked me up really hard. Dude was having the time of his life.

  25. how many actually like lower right’s comments cause it seems to be in the single digits. i for one hate her for her not caring for poor Gon and her weird obsession with an ant/human ship

  26. Gonna be a lot of crying in a few episodes

  27. Gon’s restriction on himself was way worse than Kurapika’s, If Kurapika’s was a 10, this nigga Gon took it to 13.
    What Gon gained :
    1) All his life worth of Nen
    2) Body in his prime with decades of hard work and training like Netero

    What Gon sacrificed :
    1) Can’t use Nen again
    2) His 1 in a million talent potential

    Gon’s restriction was basically along the lines of “I don’t care if I can’t use Nen anymore, I don’t care if I die here, I’ll give everything I have now, and in the future just to kill this 1 person”

    What makes his restriction worse than Kurapika is that he can only use this once and his target is only 1 while Chain Jail can be used multiple times to multiple people as long as the target is a spider.