Hunter X Hunter ハンターハンター Episode 133 Live Reaction
HxH (2011)
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  1. Please just one more we need that Komugi Line

  2. That bottom right corner reactor needs to STFU

  3. hunter x hunter top 5 anime

  4. 21:10 – When Palm said that we are far worse than the ants, Makenshi completely missed the point.
    Humans are the true evil.
    We are greedy.
    We kill each other,
    create nuclear weapons, needlessly slaughter trillions of land and ocean lives,
    show no mercy to animals,
    constantly pollute the planet,
    and destroy mother nature,
    What the ants did to humans is not really that different from what we do.
    Nah, we are even worse.
    We have an infinite potential for malice.

  5. The only reason i can tolerate Coyah right now is because i can’t wait for her to be shut down next episode as heartless as that sounds.

  6. Best Upcoming scenes : Death of Meruem and Komugi – Introducing Alluka’s power – Hisoka killing Gotoh – Leorio using Nen and punched Ging – Gon meeting Ging for the first time – Ging explaining the Dark Continent . That’s pretty much it , right ?!

  7. Can we have one more episode?
    or do we have to wait tommorow can you tell when Will you upload it?

  8. +nice!good work!!
    thank you!!

  9. Reupload OUSAMA game put the copyright shit in the description .

  10. im surprised that some of the reactors dont realize that the nuke will kill them soon because of the after effects. back when the king is revived i thought to myself that there’s probably a after effect from nuke that will kill the king.

  11. Last

  12. more 2 ep plzzz

  13. Continue uploading hxh

  14. Reupload OUSAMA game . U just have to put the copyright disclaimer in the bio .

  15. 20:00

  16. 134

  17. First