Hunter X Hunter ハンターハンター Episode 127 Live Reaction
HxH (2011)
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  1. Omg the king is dead
    i wonder what will happen now xD
    Next episode is gonna be lit

  2. Am i the only one that felt glad when gon said he will kill komugi if pitou countinued to interupt him.

  3. One more episode for the funniest and most “WTF” episode in HxH.

  4. I was waiting all day

  5. First time 127 been in mash up i guess this means the rest if this saga is good to go? Awe yiissss!

  6. “He domesticated her” this made my day 14:25

  7. Holy shit! If one those bombs get on the hands of terrorist that would be scary! I mean just one can cause mass destruction equal to nuke imagine if theres thousands of them and keep in mind Its small you can fit it in a Bag pack with dozen also a Low Budget cost.. So yeah no need for the terrorist to claim ICBM to destroy cities.

  8. My god, imagine if one of the seeds bloomed on the Black Whale? Gaah I have to stop thinking about the future of the series ._.

  9. Head’s up to everyone about Married to the Real (The married couple reactors featured here) On the episode where the intricacies of the bomb are explained they somehow managed to not see anything about the poison whatsoever. I understand this will be incredibly frustrating for some, even though I personally found it hilarious so I’m warning you all now.

  10. You know shits getting real when an optimistic cheerful protagonist like Gon says this 13:40

  11. 動画が観やすい\(^^)/nice

  12. 闇落ちゴンくん
    Thank you

  13. You must upload 3 épisodes tomorrow 😀

  14. The episode that made me go: Fuck you Gon! I hope Pitou rips your head off. Komugi ain’t done shit to nobody.

  15. Zero Hand < Miniature Rose . WTF !