In this installment of Nen Explained, we’re covering the 7th member of the Phantom Troupe, Franklin Bordeau. Specifically looking at his nen ability or hatsu – double machine gun, along with any other information surrounding his nen.

I plan to get to the other spiders throughout the series, so be sure to comment which ones you would like to see next! Along with any other nen abilities you want to see!

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Kurapika’s Nen Explained:

Netero’s Nen Explained:

Pakunoda is surprisingly Waifu. 👀
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  1. HxH by far my favorite anime! Keep the vids coming!

  2. Liking the HxH content, I feel like it would be helpful for a lot of people if you covered some of the manga abilities. They’re really complex and can be hard to understand, for example, Tserriednich.

  3. I learned from this video that Franklin always stays strapped

  4. This is an awesome video. I would love to see a Nen explain on Bonolenov Ndongo or Feitan Portor.

  5. Franklin may be able to shoot an immensely powerful beam from his mouth since he has stitches going across it as well but that’s my theory

  6. 2Spooky joins the battle. This is epic

  7. Please do a video on Sensui from YuYu Hakusho :S

  8. alluka nen ability is the most puzzling no matter how much I read the hunterxhunter wikia

  9. Do a nen explained on faitn next pls

  10. I like to see Chrollo’s, Phinx’s, Machi’s, Feitan’s, Bonolenov’s, Shizuku’s Pakunoda’s, Nobunaga’s, Korotopi’s, Shalnark’s, Hisoka’s and Uvogin’s Nen abilities.

  11. Keep up your videos dude

  12. I want to see illumi’s hatsu ability

  13. I love the thoroughness of your content and appreciate the effort. This is genuinely very informative. The only bad thing is could name is your into that just takes a tad too long for my tastes…

  14. Great videos. I recommend reading Toriko and doing ability explanation videos or power ranking videos on the different characters and monsters.

  15. Please talk about Feitan or Bonolenov’s abilities

  16. Machi

  17. Franklin is kinda underrated phantom troupe member. I like him because he’s calm AF in difficult situations, like when troupe argues about going after Kurapika or trading their boss for kids or when he eats burgers and shit while everybody else are hunting down Hisoka .

  18. Can you do gon special ability

  19. Listen man. Great video, but you have to change your intro. Its way too long, and way too loud. The animations are pretty dull as well, but they main issue is the length of it. Please shorten it to make everyone’s life easier. Not trying to hate been a fan for a while but i just had to say this.

  20. I love the uniqueness of the entire Phantom Troupe but frankly, Franklin is the least interesting aside from Kortopi

  21. Shizuku’s vacuum Blinky.

  22. his ability is pretty sick

  23. Chrollo nen ability

  24. Did I just hear you pronounce the X?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  25. Still waiting on some acknowledgement on that Monet video. Even if it’s shut the hell up.

  26. It will be interesting to see you cover Feitan’s Nen cause that one is cool I just wish we had more details on the other forms.