huntr134Hunter X Hunter ハンターハンター Episode 135 Live Reaction
HxH (2011)
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  1. RIP Meruem
    RIP Komugi
    RIP Coyah

  2. I was waiting for this. How many times i watch this it always make me cry i love them , i love this series

  3. Jordan (dude in the middle left row) said the truth at the end. You can’t just put a happy sounding soundtrack after witnessing such a beautiful moment like that.

  4. I love how the beginning of the episode is different than the rest. It gives the viewers the idea that this episode is something special.

  5. That wailing is the most annoying thing ive ever heard.

  6. Togashi is true genius!

  7. Finally this Coyah bitch can shut the fuck up right? Having to ignore her obnoxious ass every episode was torture

  8. I have not won yet.  even now

  9. Thank you for showing a little of the after-impressions of the reactors to this episode, man. I really appreciate it.

  10. メルエムとコムギの結末、漫画で最初読んだ時は今一納得行かなかったけど、何度も読み返したりアニメで観たりする毎にこれで良かったんだと思いましたね……

  11. Lol damn, y’all sure can find any excuse to hate Coyah, huh? She didn’t cry at your favorite animu moment, so you mad. She cried at your other favorite animu moment, but didn’t cry the right way, so you mad. Seems less to do with her and more to do with your funky ass disposition. And that’s okay! Just admit you’re a baby and shut up. Fucking dorks…

  12. T-The Feels. A Sad Fate isn’t it . If Meruem was born as a human , will everything end happily ?!

  13. Are we really nearing the end of the series? After countless hours of waiting for you to put out these videos , its soon gonna end… CMON I CANT BE THE ONLY ONE SAD ABOUT THIS in 6 days its all gonna be over…

  14. Why don’t you understand that palm promised Killua that she won’t let them have the girl!

  15. my fav arc of all time

  16. 4:46 🙁 He easily could too.

  17. For the first time in animé I cry like hell

  18. Fourth time rewatching, and I still can’t stop crying.

  19. Hi was born as king and died as king

  20. lol at who this episode made all the women cry at the end, but this was very emotional tho especially when I first say it. Togashi despite his hiatuses really knows how to write a good story.

  21. I was getting in the feels, and the that obnoxious crying ruined it for me smhhh

  22. Hunter x hunter made me feel. For a long time every movie TV show where something bad happens where I’m supposed to feel I didn’t. But I got into this and all of a sudden I tear up and I can’t stop it haha.

    The ship has sailed… Just in time…

  24. Can’t wait for Leorio’s epic one punch KO.

  25. Man, this ending is so beautiful. It gets me every time.

  26. SHUT UP fuking black girl

  27. 最後の次回予告の音楽もうちょい気つかえばいいのに せっかく良くできてるのに

  28. 右下の女性と左上の男性が好きすぎるw